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  inpos f4237f9bf6 local import 4 years ago
  inpos 6e662a291a import from local dir 4 years ago
  inpos a511463f67 py3 support errors 4 years ago
  inpos 26b0e5ca8f py3 support errors 4 years ago
  inpos a3242f2749 py3 support errors 4 years ago
  inpos d218d92d2f py3 support errors 4 years ago
  inpos b9da8c1323 py3 support errors 4 years ago
  inpos 9d0be7fcdc ssl 1.0.2 4 years ago
  hades 85391e63ea execfile not available in Python 3, replacing with exec alternative 4 years ago
  hades 4f90714df1 Setup.py/Python 3 fails as expects a byte stream instead of str 4 years ago
  hades a89dc6533a Setup.py install fails as README.rst does not exist. Using README.md file as fallback instead 4 years ago
  Ray 41a71fccd9 Merge branch 'incoming' 4 years ago
  Ray 7cda052bac Release 1.2.3 4 years ago
  Jason Youzwak 80d05b7d82 Add optional parameter to DtlsSocket: client_timeout (seconds) 4 years ago
  Ray 0d6ee12121 Release 1.2.2 4 years ago
  Ray 0525a1e8b7 Merge branch 'incoming' 4 years ago
  Ray 8ec1dfb56c Installation Fixes and Improvements 4 years ago
  Ray 2045cbea71 Merge branch 'incoming' 4 years ago
  Ray 9bf91c202a Release 1.2.0 4 years ago
  Ray 7a84c71e80 Release 1.2.0 Preparation 4 years ago
  Ray 343e243384 Merge branch 'mcfreis-clean-redo-in-steps' into incoming 4 years ago
  Ray Brown f20055796c Merge pull request #4 from mcfreis/master 4 years ago
  mcfreis 8716df8ead Workaround for Windows concerning the MTU size 4 years ago
  mcfreis 129fd349df Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into clean-redo-in-steps 4 years ago
  mcfreis 083554e9e0 Minor fixes and "hopefully" compatible to Ubuntu 16.04 4 years ago
  mcfreis 418655bed0 Merge pull request #3 from mcfreis/master 4 years ago
  mcfreis dade3b8213 Patched ssl-Module with SSL_BUILD_*- and ERR_*- constants and added aliases for wrap_server() and wrap_client() 4 years ago
  mcfreis d12b23ba9f Merge pull request #2 from mcfreis/clean-redo-in-steps 4 years ago
  mcfreis 84d2906a5e Revert "Added supoort for EC-Functions and DTLSv1.2 (Updated OpenSSL-Lib to V1.0.2j)" 4 years ago
  mcfreis 26634280a5 Added a wrapper for a DTLS-Socket either as client or server - including unit tests 4 years ago
  mcfreis ff509e0724 Added more on error evaluation and a method to get the peer certificate chain 4 years ago
  mcfreis 13edf48fdf Added certificate creation using ECDSA 4 years ago
  mcfreis 60f76fac83 Added an interface in SSLConnection() to access SSLContext() and SSL() for manipulating settings during creation 4 years ago
  mcfreis f5b88155fd Added methods getting the curves supported by the runtime openSSL lib 4 years ago
  mcfreis 75a01ed528 Added methods for setting and getting the curves used during negotiation and encryption 4 years ago
  mcfreis 59391e401c Added methods for setting the signature algorithms 4 years ago
  mcfreis c9b614b7e8 Added method SSL_CTX_build_cert_chain() 4 years ago
  mcfreis dd55dffb0c Added methods *_clear_options() and *_get_options() 4 years ago
  mcfreis 83204e8c4d Added new methods for DTLSv1.2 4 years ago
  mcfreis 8b07f3f46d Updating openSSL libs to v1.0.2l-dev 4 years ago
  mcfreis 70e78b97cb Added interface for SSL_CTX_set_info_callback() 4 years ago
  mcfreis d601774e24 SSL_write() extended to handle ctypes.Array as data 4 years ago
  mcfreis b4911f4949 Beautified lists and maps, grouped imports for easy merges in the future - no changed functionality! 4 years ago
  mcfreis 1c7bdcad16 SSLError(): use errno with int-comparison instead of str().startswith()-comparison 4 years ago
  mcfreis ba51e0bbcd Merge pull request #1 from rbit/master 4 years ago
  Ray 622f58358e Compatibility Updates for Python 2.7.12 4 years ago
  mcfreis 5776e38445 Added supoort for EC-Functions and DTLSv1.2 (Updated OpenSSL-Lib to V1.0.2j) 4 years ago
  Ray 34dc9ca9cd Version rev after fix integration 7 years ago
  Ray Brown 9be54ddd79 Merge pull request #4 from jvantuyl/master 7 years ago
  Ray 7a4919c839 First Stable Release 7 years ago